2020 in a nutshell

Update #1: 19th January 2020 Update #2: 26th February 2020 Update #3: 22nd March 2020

List of things that happened in 2020 - for my personal records.

  1. Freelanced for an enterprise (Colagate Direct). Launched product here.
  2. Started working with Go4Ellis for their mobile app (React Native), frontend website (React) and backend app (Ruby on Rails).
  3. Wrote a colorization machine learning model and educational challenge for AiCrowd.
  4. Got internship with Apple in Siri team.
  5. The checkout page I wrote is making $M anually.
  6. Got better at Cryptography and Security.
  7. Failed my Optional Project at EPFL. Lessons learned: overcommunicate, set expectations before the project begins, try not to slack off, and start early with something that works even if it is not great.
  8. Started writing a book about freelancing.
  9. Bought a used Yamaha Pacifica and started playing the guitar more often. Current progress (as of 26th Feb 2020): I became decent on the Otherside by RHCP riff.
  10. During the exam session, I didn't go to gym, I didn't do cold showers, I lost around 7kg (and all my gains). But things got back on track now (as of Feb 26th 2020).
  11. Learned a bunch of NLP stuff as part of my Apple internship.
  12. Ate Papaya for the first time.
  13. Did not get infected with COVID-19.
  14. March/April 2020: Two students from Academy secured 5000$/month freelancing contracts.
  15. April 2020: Started [new interview questions format](https://rusu.io/contiguous-subset-of-sum-k/) blog posts
  16. 23rd April 2020: dhh likes my [tweet](https://twitter.com/rusuio/status/1253361544668143617).
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