2021 in a nutshell

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Update #1: 6th January 2021
Update #2: 18th April 2021
Update #3: 15th Feb 2022

List of the highlights of 2021 - mainly for accountability and personal reasons.

  1. 1th January 2021: Started prospecting clients on LinkedIn
  2. 6th January 2021: Duty Startup Incubator is born
  3. March 2021: Moved to a new house with my gf ❤️
  4. 18th April 2021: Duty Ventures has grown, we have hired more engineers, planning to scale, and we have a consistent way to attract new clients. The current bottleneck seems to be finding strong software engineers.
  5. Last update: we grew to 10 developers now and we're constantly looking for new ones. We have a way to attract talent, to grow in-house talent, and we've build some great connections with our clients.
  6. We passed $1M ARR and we're looking to invest that into expanding more!
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