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I just launched a new tool to help developers implement emails in their applications faster. I’ve had to write email automations for more than 4 clients until now.

The usual conversation goes like this:

After some time….

It quickly came into my brain that this is quite a common problem, and so, I did what any sane person would do and built and MVP in a few days. You can check it live at

The app has two main parts: the dashboard and the API.

1. Dashboard

Currently, the dashboard serves two main purposes:

That’s it! Now comes the fun part: the API integration.

2. API

The API is a set of routes where you could trigger (and in the future - schedule) emails to be delivered to your customers.

First, get your API Key from your dashboard account, and set it in the X-Emails-Duty-Labs-Api-Key header.

The simplest API call is the following:

End point



  "email": {
    "to_email": "[email protected]",
    "template_code": "welcome_email"

You can also specify the subject and the from_email in the params to override the template default ones.

  "email": {
    "to_email": "[email protected]",
    "template_code": "welcome_email",
    "from_email": "[email protected]",
    "subject": "Hello there"

Be sure to checkout the API Docs to see more. If you are interested in trying out the API (for free), shoot me an email to [email protected].

I’m very excited about this launch as this fulfills one goal that I had in mind for a long time ago, which is to build a product that solves a pain. I’m sure many of us have this problem, and if not, I’m probably just gonna use this for my future clients and side projects.

If you have any feedback, you know how to reach me - just be nice!

Cheers 🥂,


Cosmin-Ionuț Rusu

Cosmin-Ionuț Rusu

A simple action-taker who likes to just do stuff

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