The Impossible List (WIP)

Last updated: 15th February 2022

Work in progress!

Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but whenever I feel that I usually go with the flow, I just do it and see what happens. So if you think having such a list online is not a good idea, shoot me an email at cosmin[at]dutylabs[dot]ro and tell me why, I'd be happy to discuss.

After seeing the idea of The Impossible List, I decided to make one my own. I think life is about having lots of relevant experiences.

Most of our problems can be tracked to the fact that we did not know what would happen if we do something, we didn't have enough experiences or knowledge.

This is my sharable list of things I wanna do in this life and I'll try to update it from month to month.

Also I'll leave here a few bucket items on my **bucket** list, I don't want to forget them, please don't mind the mess.
  • Airball (?)
  • Paintball
Task Status Type Completed Note
Ride a horse Completed Hobbies August 2022 Wonderland Cluj
Plant trees Life
Build a house Purchase a house Completed Life September 2021 Instead of starting from scratch, we decided to purchase a house and decorate it ourselves
Have kids & stuff Life
Learn to play the guitar Active Hobby Started: July 2019
Get a master's degree Completed Education November 2021 Hardcore stuff
Go without technology for 1 week Health
Meditate for 365 days in a row (1/365) Active Health
Fly an airplane Completed Adrenaline 12th Sept 2019
Ride a helicopter Adrenaline
Go bungee jumping Adrenaline
Go surfing Adrenaline
Run a marathon Fitness
Do a muscle up Fitness
Get the body I want and then maintain Active Fitness
Drive sport cars and settle for one 😉 Active Pleasure Mustang - Sept 2017, Mustang - Sept 2019
Stay at a 5-star hotel Completed Pleasure 22nd Sept 2019 Sofitel Chicago
Eat at a one-star Michelin restaurant Completed Pleasure 3rd May 2019
Eat at a two-star Michelin restaurant Pleasure
Eat at a three-star Michelin restaurant Pleasure
Give a talk in front of a big audience Events
Go to Burning Man Events
Visit every continent (3/7) Active Travel Europe - born, America - July 2017, Africa - November 2019
Swim in every ocean (1/5) Travel
Go sandboarding Travel
Inventory of what I own Minimalism
Invest in US & Intl. Stocks Wealth
$1M net worth Completed Wealth November 2021 Road to $10M
Write a book Entrepreneurship
Grow a business to a 7 figure revenue Completed Entrepreneurship November 2021 Road to 8 figure
Help 100 people become successful freelancers Active Entrepreneurship Duty Labs Academy
Build a profitable product Entrepreneurship First attempt: Emails Duty Labs
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