Last updated: 27th February 2020

This is a list of my favourite talks. Some of them were really life changing to me.

How To Be More Productive I'll just leave a quote from this that pretty much summarizes it: "to really become a top hand, the things that must always be on your mind is: how can I work smarter and smarter and harder and harder in order to get as much work done as I *possibly* can by the time the sun goes down".

Executive Communication

Money as an Instrument of Change Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of Social Capital uncensored talk on what the real, important businesses of the future will be.

F*ck you, pay me Make sure you'll always get paid for your freelance / side hustle work.

Software people Jeff Lawson, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Twillio, talks about the mindset that software people posses and how that make them uniquely creative.

A rich life with less stuff I've changed places a lot in my last 5 years. I moved to Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2015 for my Bachelor's in Computer Science. For the summer 2016, I've moved to Iasi, Romania for an internship with Amazon. For the summer of 2017 and 2018, I've moved to San Francisco, California for internships with Google. In september 2018 I've moved to Switzerland for a Master's in Data Science at EPFL. I find it very hard to move all my stuff all the time and I noticed I barely use most of my possesions. This is about how we can remove the clutter from our life to make room for what remains and to find the real life purpose. Speakers are the founders of

Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups Pieter Levels' talks about how to bootstrap startups without any investment, and turn them into profitable businesses.

Cold Shower Therapy Ever since I've watched this talk about cold showers (and this one about Wim Hof), I'm taking only cold showers. Lately, my routine is to take a 5-minute cold shower right after gym. I rarely take warm showers. Life changing, can't look back. Be carfeul when you tell your mom!

James Mickens @ Monitorama PDX 2014 I remember I laughed so hard at this talk by James Mickens.

Wat - A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash 2012 A Classic.

Early Retirement in One Lesson (or How I Retired at 30) What I like: talks about how to plan on spending to retire early. What I don't like: too much focus on happiness, which I believe it's a terrible variable to optimize for.

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